About Me

Hello my name is Kayla (Empress Kay) and I’m the owner of Jazperé Collection Company . I’m a 23 year old Gemini Rising that loves turtles and the colors red and pink.
I started my business in 2020 selling lipgloss and crystal jewelry on Etsy while working full time as a server at a local restaurant in Houston, Tx . My Etsy started to pick up and I was having a hard time juggling my business and my serving job. I was fired from my job in may of 2021! I was confused but I knew if I took my business seriously I wouldn’t have to go find another job. That’s exactly what I did and I’ve been running my business successfully ever since! I made my first nose cuff in January of 2021 and I made my first nose ring in November of 2021.
My main goal has always been to make the most unique jewelry I can. I’m a very creative person and I like to try new things often. I also like to DIY things. Yes! Im the person that will make & customize it myself rather than buy it. So I created Jazperé Co. is to showcase all of my beautiful unique designs. I love seeing my customers in their jewelry and the fact that there are human beings all over the world wearing my designs and creations makes me so happy. It really keeps me going! I’m here to help you stand out and be your most confident self! I look forward to creating more amazing unique pieces for all my DragKins!!
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